Conte will not rule out a job at Manchester United

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Conte does not rule out the opportunity to sit in the hot chair against Solskjaer. Antonio Conte will not rule out a job at Manchester United mid-season. If Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is sack and an offer from Manchester United comes in.

From the game in which Manchester United lost 0-5 at home to Liverpool. Solskjaer is expect to be fired this season sooner or later. And it is expect that the ufabet club‘s board is working to contact a new coach. Before the official release The Guardian reports that Conte is top of the list. The board of Manchester United is considering and is ready to contact Solskjaer to replace Solskjaer after having good experience in the Premier League, leading Chelsea to the 2016-17 Premier League title and the FA Cup. 2017-18.

The famous Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano. It was previously reveal that Conte was not interest in taking the Newcastle job. Because he did not like being offered mid-season. But in the case of Manchester United, that is different. If you receive an official offer ready for the challenge at Old Trafford Conte had previously attracted interest from both Tottenham and Arsenal, but turned down offers from two London clubs, along with second-placed Newcastle. The big teams