Juventus lost to Inter Milan 2-1 in extra time

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Juventus boss Max Allegri regrets late defeat in extra-time but also looking at the development team more than before

Juventus lost 2-1 to Inter Milan in extra time in the Italian Super Cup on Wednesday. After a 1-1 draw in normal time, the Bianconeri missed the championship.

“It’s an even real game. A good test for us to see where we are. Unfortunately, sometimes ufabet football feels like it’s made of a devil.

“We made a simple mistake five seconds before the game. But the duel against the strongest team in Italy right now. And there are many opportunities, leaving Inter a little chance. We had problems for the first 10 minutes but then did really well. 

“It’s painful to lose five seconds before time, but we must use our anger for Serie A, the Coppa Italia and the Champions League.

“We have to consider the good things. development team especially in terms of physical condition It’s the only game to know the outcome. It didn’t turn out the way we wanted. So now let’s focus on the league.”

In conclusion, if Luca Pellegrini isn’t starting this weekend against Udinese, I’m not sure that we will be able to make it through emotionally. Max Allegri needs to sit Alex Sandro for his own good