Juventus reveals Bernardeschi, Keane are mild

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Juventus have confirmed that Federico Bernardeschi and Moise Kean are not seriously injure. But have to check the injury day by day

Bernardes Odd Which started the ufabet game that Juventus always invaded Inter Milan 1-1 on Sunday. Was substituted from the field from the 18th minute. Because of injury problems while Keane did not travel with the team. Because of injury during practice on Saturday Both Bernardeschi and Keane underwent injury tests at J Medical since Monday morning. 

The first one had problems with the right shoulder moving during the game. While the latter suffered a strained right thigh muscle injury from practice the day before the game. and the results that came out no serious problems But still have to check the symptoms day by day. Juventus have their next fixture against Sassuolo in midweek Serie A, with the Bianconeri being unbeaten for nine games in a row. Recently escaped defeat from a penalty kick, equalized with Inter in the late game.