Koeman sees the Barca fan mob as a result of social

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Ronald Koeman sees the Barcelona fan mob as a result of social and educational issues rather than his team performance.

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman has said he is facing a difficult situation after Barca fans blocked their departure from the Camp Nou following their 2-1 defeat to Real Madrid. ‘El Clasico’ on Sunday It was viewed as a result of social and educational problems. 

Barcelona have lost their last four ‘El Clasico’ ufabet games, which took place three times under Koeman, and a growing frustration with the Dutch coach’s previous work has prompted Gulais fans. Some have gathered to block the exit from the ‘Camp Nou’ stadium after the game on Sunday. while shouting insults and driving Koeman out of his position. before the club later condemned the act. 

‘I don’t think there is a solution,’ Koeman said, ‘for me it is a social problem. They are Gules (Barça fans) or people with education problems.’

‘They don’t know what the norm is, respect.’

‘The environment on the pitch, until 2-0 is the opposite. You don’t need to notice these people with videos, with pictures, we’re here every day.’

‘It seems that there is only me. But you have to know that there are many players with their families. The same thing happened.’

‘Maybe for me be responsible It was even more exaggerated until (Carles) Puyol passed, no one could leave the area.’

‘We have to find a way out. It’s a social problem,’ said the Dutch trainer.