Massimiliano Allegri confirms Dybala, Chiesa start

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Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri has confirmed Paulo Dybala and Federico Chiesa will start for Wednesday’s midweek Serie A game against Sassuolo.

Massimiliano Allegri was heavily question with Dybala and Chiesa both on the bench in Sunday’s big game away to Inter Milan, with Juventus surging to a late 1-1 draw. The game from the penalty spot for Dybala. That is sent on the field in the 65th minute along with Chiesa.

“Paolo Dybala and Federico Chiesa will be playing so everyone will be happy. You can take it to write news. I made you guys happy,” Allegri sarcastically told reporters.

“Dybala is technically outstanding. He’s different from Kulusevski, but he (Kulusevski) had a good game in Milan in the first 60 minutes. “Chiesa is a great player. He has played many games. On Sunday, I was wrong, I read the game in a different way. It’s not a problem if any player starts on the bench. There are many games waiting. “Chiesa deserves to play. And when he was sent onto the field. We want more quality And he’s made a big difference,” Allegri said.

“Moreover, that gesture of the ears with Manchester United he did it at the end of Juventus’ most beautiful game. In the end, nobody remembers it because we lost.

“It pleases me to have a coach of his value back in Italy.”