Mexican League games canceled due to fan clash

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Mexican Mexico‘s top soccer league game At least 22 people were injure in clashes. With fans and the ufabet game was cancel on Saturday.

The Liga MX match between Queretaro. And Atlas was cancel in the 63rd minute. When fans clashed in the stands. until it spilled onto the donkey field Corregidora Stadium. With some players trying to calm the fans. 

Before being separate into the dressing room News reports stated. That At least 22 people were injure. With local police saying two were seriously injure. Including nine taken to nearby hospitals. Miguel Arriola, president of Liga MX.

It has confirmed that three more games will be postpone on Sunday. To show solidarity for those affected It will investigate the security in the field. If defects are found, penalties are impose to provide a role model.

A Mexican soccer game descended into mayhem as violent clashes broke out between fans of opposing sides, leaving at least two people dead. 

The match, being held at a stadium in the city of Querétaro northwest of Mexico City. He was call off just after the second half had got underway following an hour of gameplay between Queretaro and Atlas, with the visitors holding a 1-0 lead.

Fans of the hated rivals were caught on camera attacking one another, Including throwing chairs and hurling metal trash cans. Authorities say at least 22 people were injure, two of them critically.

Initial reports painted an even more dire casualty count, claiming that up to 17 people dead and 44 injured.