Ricardo Pepi, who is this guy?

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Liverpool have been linked with a deal to sign FC Dallas teenage striker Ricardo Pepi in US Major League Soccer with Bayern Munich or Inter Milan. The child had already applied for a transfer account even though he had just graduated from high school a few months ago. But who is he good at? Why does the meat smell good in Europe?

Let’s start by checking the background of  Ricardo Pepi

This year’s 18- carat youngster , native to El Paso , Texas, has climbed to the top of FC Dallas ‘ academy level and has shined through all ages at his horseshoe. It was the first team at the age of 16 years.  

The truth is that FC Dallas made their senior debut almost immediately after signing a one-day career contract. then cultivating Improve yourself until it shines in the current season.  

After the third shot, the goal of playing 26 games in Major League Soccer , US ( M LSE ) coming this season, beat then 13th seed from playing 28 games where there are signs the US National Team that takes beautiful

The young man’s career graph has steadily surged until he is seriously dazzled by his performance. As ‘ Phaya Eagle ‘, a 4-1 win over Honduras, and then a 2-0n knockout hit against Jamaica.

He was not a full 19 years until m . C . This is a lot, that’s a big step into the national team. Believe that the future will be even more bright.

The next issue, why is Liverpool interested ? 

Not only the performance at the club and national team is outstanding, especially in terms of goals. But there are more behind-the-scenes details on the 18- year-old.  

Because Pepe ‘s performance statistics are outstanding as well.